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50% Magnesium Chloride

Our magnesium serum sprays are not comprised solely of water and magnesium chloride. They have been carefully formulated with additional essential ingredients to heighten their efficacy and improve their applicability. These added ingredients ensure that the sprays feels better on your skin, easier to apply, and ultimately improve their effectiveness in achieving the desired results.


Sleeplessness-Stress-Anxiety-Cramps -Sore Muscles-Restless Legs
Other Benefits of Magnesium Oil And How to Use Magnesium Oil:

Other Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Strengthen Teeth and Bones Repair Muscles

Magnesium has long been used by athletes to relieve pain associated with muscle soreness and inflammation.

Sleep Better: Magnesium’s natural muscle relaxant characteristics are part of what makes it such a great sleep aid – given its ability to relax GABA receptors in the brain and nervous system, magnesium oil makes it much easier to fall asleep.

Treat Skin Problems: Magnesium oil can be used topically to help solve a variety of skin troubles, including oily skin and acne.

Relieve Stress: We could all use a bit of stress relief these days, and our experts claim that magnesium may be the answer.

Can Help Reduce Hypertension

Regulate Diabetes: Magnesium can also be helpful in regulating diabetes, according to Dr. Axe. “Poorly controlled diabetes results in a large excretion of glucose in urine, which in turn, depletes magnesium levels and has major implications in insulin resistance. Proper magnesium levels are incredibly important in diabetes patients, as insulin resistance can result in major problems in trying to control diabetes mellitus. The addition of magnesium or magnesium oil is what really kind of kick starts them into having insulin work properly,”

Migraine Relief - Reduce Symptoms of PMS

Warning: People should be especially mindful of possible side effects of magnesium oil, including individuals with low blood pressure, people taking anti-anxiety medication, people with limited kidney function, and those with sensitive skin.

How to Use Magnesium Oil: Choose a Spot. The first time, you feel a tingling sensation though this should dissipate the longer you use the product. If you’re hoping for all-over effects, the best place to apply your magnesium oil is your feet, a method that comes from the ancient art of reflexology. When using magnesium oil for help with pain relief use with our Pain Relief Products for faster relief. Can be applied directly to problem areas, such as back, wrist, or knee.

Spray It On and Massage It InLet It Sit  Let magnesium oil absorb for at least 30 minutes before rinsing or wiping away any residue. Some people wipe away the residue and top with a moisturizer, while others prefer to apply the magnesium oil right before a shower and then rinse it off entirely. Note! Epsom salts are made from a different type of magnesium - magnesium sulfate as opposed to magnesium chloride which is what is in our Magnesium Oil. The former is rapidly excreted through the kidneys which makes it difficult to assimilate.

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