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Non Greasy. Targeted Fast Relief - Anti-Inflammatory - Injury Recovery - Muscle and Joint Discomfort - RSI - Nerve Pain - Soothes and Loosens Stiff Aching Joints.

A Light Gel


Contains Capsicum Oleoresin a natural extract from chili peppers. Capsaicin can treat joint pain and other painful conditions. It is considered effective even for deep joints, such as the back, hips, shoulders, sprains, injuries, recovery from surgery .


Our Gels Creams and Oils containing Capsicum have been formulated to be stronger to help relieve more persistent pain and discomfort. Our Peppy Range (formally Pappy Tradie) Sports Range and Capsicum Oil all contain Capsicum.


How They Work: Capsaicin works by helping to deplete a substance called substance P. Substance P is a neuropeptides which are the most diverse class of signaling molecules in the brain. Our capsaicin products provide temporary relief from pain by reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings and blocking or reducing the transmission of pain signals.

When our capsaicin products are applied it is absorbed through your skin and also binds with TRPV1 receptors. These receptors are found on nerve endings and are involved in transmitting pain signals to your brain.

You may feel a slight warming sensation. With continued use of topical capsaicin products the TRPV1 receptors become less sensitive to pain signals. This means that the pain signals from the area where it is applied are reduced or blocked from reaching your brain.



If the hands are the area being treated, then apply the cream and avoid hand contact with the eyes and mouth. Avoiding touching the eyes and mouth for an extended period of time can be a challenge, so wash treated hands 30 minutes after application.·

Capsaicin cream should not be used on broken or irritated skin. By people who have allergies to capsaicin or hot peppers. Women who are breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant.

Avoid using near eyes or other sensitive areas of the body. If capsaicin gets into the eyes, flush them with water. Wash other sensitive areas with soapy water.·

Avoid tight bandages and hot showers.·

Now with Kunzea Oil + MSM. The anti-inflammatory properties of Kunzea Oil help to reduce inflammation, relieve pain in muscles, joint pain and joint swelling. Kunzea oil’s pain-relieving properties mean that it may also be effective in aiding in joint mobility.


MSM one of the most popular uses of MSM is to decrease joint or muscle pain. It has been shown to benefit those with joint degeneration, a common cause of pain in the knees, back, hands and hips. Joint degeneration can negatively impact your quality of life by limiting your movement and mobility. Studies have shown that MSM significantly reduces inflammation in your body.


A blend of Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil, Magnesium, KawaKawa, Capsaicin, Turmeric, MSM, Kunzea Oil plus H-NZ's pain blend of essential oils. Provide the ultimate combination for supporting joint health, comfort, flexibility and movement.·

Rich in antioxidants, which control free radicals.·

Also contains Sulphur compound, which is also used to help with joint discomfort.

Helps reduce the painful sensation.

It helps relieve naturopathic pain.·

Faster Muscle Recovery - With the power of herbs, oils and magnesium chloride to accelerate the healing process.·

Soothing - Soothes sore muscles and joints.·

Developed with natural Experience true bliss when you use our Products to ease your body's aches and pains.·

Lightweight Gel is non-greasy and emits a soothing herbal smell.·

Highly Absorbent Solution - Massage on stiff, aching areas.

Magnesium Chloride. Magnesium is a very important mineral in our body, involved in hundreds of biochemical functions. These include heart and muscle function, digestive health, nerve and stress support, detoxification and more..



Rub in a small amount to the affected area 3 or 4 times daily to feel improvements with less body aches.·

Wash hands after application if hands are not the treatment site.·

If used for relief in the hands, do not wash the hands for at least 30 minutes after applying the cream.·

Capsaicin must be used regularly every day as directed. Immediate pain relief is not to be expected, depending on the type of pain. ·

In chronic cases the full effect may take several weeks of regular use to get full benefits can be used with our Sports Spray for faster relief for chronic pain, discomfort, fatigue and sleep disturbances.

Application of magnesium Spray also helps tight muscles to relax naturally. It further regulates functioning of the nerves and helps in the relief of pain·

Use capsaicin cream regularly if required.

PeppyGel 250ml

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