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50% Magnesium Chloride
Magnesium is a very important mineral in our body, involved in hundreds of biochemical functions. These include heart and muscle function, digestive health, nerve and stress support, detoxification and more.

Sleeplessness-Stress-Anxiety-Cramps -Sore Muscles-Restless Legs

A combination of magnesium, infused with our sleep blend of Terpenes. To help enhance a restful sleep, calm mind and release stress.


Use daily, before bed can be applied 4-5 times.  Keep away from eyes and sensitive areas.

Can be rinsed off after 20mins. Test a small amount on the arm first, if any reaction occurs apply to damp skin only for the first week of use.

Use Magnesium Sprays Oils and Salts daily to help increase magnesium levels in your body, dealing with magnesium deficiency quickly and effectively.

Apply to the tummy area a few times a day to enjoy increase feelings of wellbeing and reduce stress and anxiety. Or directly onto sore joints and muscles, relieves aches, encourages healthy cell development and lowers inflammation, so you can enjoy less pain, increased body performance and get a better night’s sleep.

Magnesium applied onto the neck area can even help to reduce headaches and migraines. On the tummy it can also be used to reduce PMS symptoms and period cramps.


For maximum effect - use on soles of feet after a shower or bath using our relaxation flakes, and or the back of neck and inside of arms. Perfect combination with our relaxation bath soak to encourage relaxation and better sleep.

For children over 4yrs can be used on soles of feet


NOTE: If you are extremely deficient in Magnesium, or you have sensitive skin, you may experience a slight tingling or burning sensation when first applied. This usually lasts only a few minutes. If tingling persists, dis-continue use in that area and try rubbing into the bottom of the foot. Tingling will reduce with each application.


100ml Glass Bottle

Sweet Dreams Magnesium Serum Spray 100ml Glass

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